Four Great Reasons Why A Business Must Produce SEO Optimized Content

Four Great Reasons Why A Business Must Produce SEO Optimized Content

The business world is today becoming ever more cut throat. There are more and more companies vying for an ever shrinking portion of the consumer spending pie – and no where is that more true than on the Internet, which has become an indispensable tool for organizations that want to take the competitive high ground. There are over 1.5 billion websiteson the Internet today – however ‘only’ 200 million of those are active. Although it should be said that many of those are business websites offering services and products. The value of eCommerce is anticipated to be $4.9 trillion by 2021 and today 10% of retail sales take place using the Internet. Businesses that want to survive and thrive in this online environment have to focusing making their websites stand out from the crowd – and that means harnessing best practice as far as SEO is concerned to ensure that their business appears at the top of search engine rankings – if the business is not on page one of the Google search results it is at a serious competitive disadvanatge.

Here are some other reasons that SEO is so important.

1. It helps to build a stronger and more visible brand by increasing the visibility of SEO keywords and therefore how consumers see the brand and share its values and messages across their own networks.

2. SEO optimized content attracts more traffic than PPC (paid advertising content) – and it costs far less to produce. More seo tips and tricks are available here.

3. SEO allows the company to reach potential customers wherever they are – and when they want access to information (hence the increasing numbers of searches that are made using mobile devices).

4. SEO makes it possible to target specific groups of customers who are pre-qualified to be interested in products and services through using keywords that those customers will be using to search.

If an organization is ignoring the power of SEO it is losing out on potential revenue – and that is a recipe for failure.

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